Our Second Chance

Dorla’s marriage is completely broken. Then someone invites her family to church, and life changes radically.

Our home life was chaos, and I felt helpless to improve it. My husband and I had so many barriers between us that it seemed nothing could reconcile us. Separation seemed imminent.

Then someone invited us to attend the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and we did. As the weeks passed, I began to see changes in my husband. I had not known what a man of faith, prayer, kindness and affection my husband could be. Soon he decided to be rebaptized. 

With the changes in my husband came changes in our home. Home became quiet and peaceful. Our daily routine changed for the better, and Fridays became a happy day of preparation. When Sabbath arrived, my husband exuded joy. I felt like I had a new husband and a new family!

I enjoyed my husband’s total turnaround, but it did take me some time to warm up to his faith. In time, however, I began to share his enthusiasm. When Sabbath arrived, I felt the joy of spending a day with my family and with God. I enjoyed church, enjoyed being at peace with God, but I did not understand the Bible very well. I talked with my husband about it, and he decided to go through a series of Bible studies with me. 

The Bible studies helped me understand more of what I heard in church. I came to understand that despite our sins, God always loves us. As my husband says, nothing on the face of the earth can make God stop loving us, because God is love. I learned that conversion is not an event so much as a process that transpires as we answer God’s call to serve Him. I experienced it that way, one step at a time. 

When the pastor and the elders of the church paid me a visit to talk about baptism, I thought I was not ready. Then my husband talked to me, and he made me understand that when God calls us, we must not ignore that call, especially with the coming of Christ so near. He reminded me of all the signs happening in the world: wars, pestilences, worldwide strife, and the faith of many Christians cooling down. “Many Christians have never returned to church since the COVID-19 shutdowns,” he pointed out. “That shows that with many, love for Christ has grown cold. It’s a sign of the end.” I didn’t want my love to grow cold again. I wanted Jesus in my life.

One Sabbath, in church, the pastor made a call for baptism. I knew instantly that this call was for me, so I stood and went to the front. My husband tells me that little by little I will grow in Christ Jesus, and the best part is I get to grow in this spiritual life together with my family. The Lord allowed us to keep our marriage, and together we will serve Him, for His honor and glory. Our family has accepted the mission that Christ entrusted to us to go and make disciples for Him!

I thank God for giving my husband and me a second chance. Nothing brings me more gratification than knowing that He is the center of our lives and our marriage. I love communing with God to do His will. I want Him to purify us from our sins, and keep us fully committed to the service of love. Maranatha!


Dorla Walton is a member of the La Ceiba Seventh-day Adventist Church in Honduras.

How You Can Help
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