Special Invitation

While talking to her son’s teacher, Damari hears Jesus’ call.

I should find a church, I told myself. I need to be in the presence of God. But how could I know which church I should attend? Other decisions seemed more urgent. For instance, I needed to decide where to enroll my son David in school—somewhere that would teach him Christian principles. We prayed about it as a family, and at the beginning of 2022, David began attending the Pizzaty Adventist School. There I met Cristy Jiménez, David’s Bible teacher—and I liked her. Little did I know that my trust in her would change my life!

“Do you attend church?” Cristy asked me one day.

“No, church is not for me,” I replied. 

“Why don’t you visit my church? I think you would like it,” Cristy smiled.

In that moment, I heard the Lord calling me. I accepted the invitation and began to attend. Cristy’s church family made me feel very welcome, and I looked forward to my appointment with God every week. The longer I attended church, however, the more I felt that something was missing. I wanted a broader knowledge of God.

One day Obed, the church elder, offered to study the Bible with me, together with his wife. “Please do!” I responded. “Come and study with my whole family.” 

Many weeks passed as we studied the Bible together. The more I studied, the more convinced I became that this truth, however challenging, came straight from the Word of God. I felt that it was time to start over, time to be baptized. My heart desired to always serve God. When I told Brother Obed that I wanted to be baptized, he beamed with joy. The church made the preparations and scheduled the date.

In giving my life to Jesus Christ and sealing my pact with Him, I made the best decision of my life. I felt so happy and so supported by my new church family who had helped me to the feet of Christ. Several of them gave me advice for how to keep my relationship with Jesus strong. “Listen to our Adventist radio station,” they urged. “The daily programming will strengthen your faith.” I took their counsel, and became a faithful radio listener. The radio programs have encouraged me to share with others what the Lord is doing in my life and can do in their lives!

Today, “I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.” Galatians 2:20, NKJV. Giving my life to Jesus made me feel like a new person with the light of God in my heart. I often ask the Lord to help me continue in His path so that I can set a good example for my son.

Whenever I have the chance, I encourage people in difficult situations to give their lives to Christ, look for an Adventist church and scan for the Adventist radio station. “Allow the Lord to touch your heart,” I always say. “Feel the peace that He gives!” My prayer is that the Lord will use me to reach others, just as He used teacher Cristy and Brother Obed to reach me.  


Damari Bodden belongs to the Manantial Seventh-day Adventist Church in La Ceiba, Honduras. 

How You Can Help
Pray for Damari and her family as they live new lives connected with Christ. 

Pray for the radio and television programs in Honduras to continue reaching people who otherwise might never hear the truth!

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