Seeking the Lost

A praying Bible worker searches for missing church members.

Many years ago when I served as an elder at a local church in the United States, the pastor posted a list of missing members on the bulletin board. In time, the many names were simply removed from the church membership list. I still have a burden for those souls and wonder where they are today. However, our Heavenly Father knows, and the Holy Spirit continues to work. 

One of the major duties of a gospel worker is to bring lost souls back to the truth in Christ. Sister Tadelech Lemma is one such gospel worker. She knocks on doors and hands out tracts, sharing the gospel truth with those who are willing to listen. She follows up with former Seventh-day Adventist members and learns why they left the church. Her stipend is meager; it barely covers her living expenses, much less transportation costs. Therefore, she travels long distances to villages on foot.  

One of her assigned villages is Meraga, a community in the Hadiya region of southern Ethiopia. When she began her work there, she noticed a small Seventh-day Adventist church and a Sunday-keeping church not far away. She found that the members of the Sunday church were adept at indoctrinating Sabbath-keeping believers with false doctrine. Without biblically solid mentorship, many of the Seventh-day Adventist members were deceived and left the church. 

Tadelech prayed. She visited the missing members consistently and encouraged them to allow the Bible to explain itself. Through her consistent effort, God touched hearts. Consequently, three souls who once left the Adventist church returned, and the membership in Meraga swelled to 60 people. 

Please pray for the gospel work in Ethiopia. Bible workers such as Tadelech depend on our support and recognize the need for religious literature. The book Christ’s Object Lessons was translated from English into Amharic, one of the over 80 languages and dialects spoken in Ethiopia. We plan to print and distribute thousands of copies in Ethiopia, and we need financial support to do it. We also have a continuous need to build churches for new members who are worshiping under trees.

“A golden chain, the mercy and compassion of divine love, is passed around every imperiled soul. The Lord declares, ‘I have loved thee with an everlasting love; therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee.’ Jeremiah 31:3.” Christ’s Object Lessons, 202.  Thank you for your prayers and financial assistance as we cooperate with Christ in leading souls to Him.  


Daniel Shamebo Sambore is the coordinator of Everlasting Gospel Projects in southern Ethiopia.

How You Can Help
Pray for Tadelech as she works with the MPI-sponsored evangelist to reach the lost in her area.

Pray for the 41 Ethiopian Bible workers that your gifts support as they carry the message from village to village.

Give to help reach souls in Ethiopia. Send your donations marked “Ethiopia Churches” or “Ethiopia Workers” to: 

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