Someone Loved Her

Mirian grew up feeling unimportant and unloved—but that was before she met the missionaries.

Mirian Vaqueira, 20 years old, felt that her life had no meaning. She had never met her father, and her mother had left her with her grandparents to find work in another country—and while away, she had died. Mirian’s grandfather beat her, and her grandmother neglected her. Unprotected and mistreated, she spent time on the streets developing bad relationships and getting involved in drugs, alcohol and immorality. At age 18, she got pregnant and her partner abandoned her. She felt she was not important to anyone, much less truly loved. Alone, pregnant, and addicted to drugs, Mirian needed a miracle. 

A missionary group from the Ocote Adventist Church started visiting Mirian and praying with her. Drawn by their kindness, she accepted Bible studies about Jesus. Every time the missionaries prayed and studied with her, she would weep. “I started to see hope in Jesus’ promises,” Mirian said. “I saw that someone loved me with an infinite compassion.”

When a weeklong Bible conference began in the village, Mirian attended every night. Still, the enemy of her heart told her that she could not change, that she could not leave drugs, that her life was already ruined. Tears streamed down her face as she shared her fears with her new friends.

“Trust in God,” the brethren told her, “and keep up your connection with Him.” Then they told her that she might find it helpful to tune in to 104.1 FM, where day and night she could hear words of love and security from God. 

“I’ll try it,” Mirian promised. The next morning when she got up, she turned on the radio. It worked! The sweet music, sermons of hope, Bible studies and words of inspiration helped her commune with God and gave her hope. Soon, when her friends appealed to her to show her commitment to the God who loves her by being baptized, she agreed.

The wounds of childhood ran deep, however. Even on the day of the baptism, Mirian felt incapable of promising to live for God. “I felt dirty and unworthy,” she said, “but deep down, I wanted to be cleansed of my impurities and start life over again.” On the banks of the river, tears fell from her eyes in torrents. Jesus is waiting for me, she told herself. Then, grasping the elders’ hands, she went into the water, believing that God would save her and cleanse her life forever.

Mirian trusts the words of Jesus in John 6:37, “All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me; and him that cometh to Me I will in no wise cast out.” Today she is an active member of the Ocote Adventist Church. She has not taken one step back toward drugs or alcohol. Every Sabbath she attends church with her little 1-year-old daughter, whom she has dedicated to raise in the fear of Jesus in this new life that God has given them.

After just three months of knowing the message of salvation, Mirian has become a missionary herself, assisting the church outreach group in giving Bible studies to others in need of God. “I want others to know about Jesus!” she says. “I love to tell people about the Adventist radio station, because it is a place of peace where they can meet Christ and grow in their relationship with Him.”

If you find yourself sunk in a sinful habit, remember Mirian and put your life in the hands of Christ. He never leaves a fighting soul adrift, and He will help you conquer!  


Marcos Mendoza is a pastor and the executive director of Honduras Radio in La Ceiba.

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