Letter from Mike: Kenya – June 2023

“The Saviour mingled with men as one who desired their good. He showed His sympathy for them, ministered to their needs, and won their confidence. Then He bade them, ‘Follow Me.’” Ministry of Healing, 143.

In the East African country of Kenya, laymen and church planters alike are mingling with the lost, hopeless, and struggling. Church members work the front lines, making friends with those who need Christ. Bible workers then go and introduce themselves to these new friends, and Bible studies begin.

Joel grew up in a family that practiced ancestor worship according to African tradition, complete with animal sacrifice to appease the offended spirits of departed loved ones. Fear of the spirits ruled everyone Joel knew. He believed that Christianity was not for Africans, and he was not interested in any religion but the pagan practices he had been taught.

Joel and his family lived near one of the villages where our Bible worker Andrew Rotich works. Andrew was impressed to visit Joel’s house and introduce himself, not knowing how the family would receive him. He prayed that God would open an opportunity for him to share Jesus’ love—and God answered his prayers right at the front door!

Joel was the first to greet him. He seemed a little reluctant at first to allow this stranger into his home, but he talked with him politely. After a lengthy conversation, Andrew asked Joel if he would like to study the Bible together, and without hesitation, Joel responded with an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

“There was something different about Andrew,” Joel recounts. “Many of my companions were crude and obnoxious, but Andrew was wholesome and friendly.”

Many intensive Bible studies followed, with the whole family joining together two times a week. The family had many questions as they learned new concepts. The Sabbath seemed strange, since most Christians attended church on Sunday, but the news that the dead cannot come back and haunt us was a welcome gift from Heaven. No longer would Joel’s family fear retaliation from their dearly departed or have to sacrifice chickens to soothe their wrath. The Bible brought peace to their hearts and their home.

When they began attending church every Sabbath, Joel and his wife Ann were impressed with the close fellowship they experienced. The church members nurtured them in their new way of life, and they became dear friends.

Through your donations, MPI is supporting six Kenyan Bible workers who altogether give more than 250 Bible studies per month. They are doing a tremendous work of winning souls to Christ! Please help us continue reaching Kenya with the gospel. Mark your donations “Kenya Workers” or “Kenya Churches.”

Yours in befriending the lost!