A Convincing Dream

When God gives Abraham a dream of Christ’s second advent, his heart is won.

Even as a man in his 60s, Abraham Winen had never heard of Christ’s audible, visible, and glorious return to claim the righteous from this earth. For many years, he had believed in the rapture theory which teaches that God will handpick the righteous secretly and silently to be with Him in Heaven, without the notice of the wicked. The sinners remaining on Earth would then be given a second probationary time to get their lives right with God, and the process would repeat until the world should be converted to Christ’s ways. 

Abraham also believed that when he died, he would be taken to Heaven. His beliefs left no room for the idea that Christ would come visibly to gather His people, or even that there would be an end to this world. He was lost in this fantasy for years—until God set him free.

Abraham was born to a Catholic father and an Adventist mother—or at least, a professing Adventist. When Abraham got older and started to think for himself, he decided not to follow either parent’s religion. Instead, he found his own church, and that is where he had worshipped all his life. Then one Saturday morning, a miracle happened. Lying on his bed in the early morning, Abraham felt an unusually cool breeze. “The atmosphere refreshed my heart and mind,” Abraham says. “I felt spiritually elevated.” Then, in one brief moment, he beheld a light that grew brighter and brighter until no man could stand before its glory. Out of the brilliant light, Christ and all His angels appeared like vivid clouds stretching across the sky as far as the eye could see. 

“God showed me something extraordinary in the dream,” Abraham says, “to encourage me to prepare for what is soon to come. The beauty and glory of Christ’s second advent, I cannot explain, except that it was very bright!”

I met Abraham shortly afterward when he walked right up to me and started telling me about his dream. Touched, I shared promises from the Bible regarding Christ’s visible, audible, glorious and imminent advent. As we read text after text describing Jesus’ coming, Abraham’s eyes misted over. “Praise God for His kindness,” he said. “He pitied my ignorance, and sent me the truth!”

Abraham accepted Jesus anew and vowed to prepare his soul for Christ’s glorious return. He now has God’s promise that if he is faithful, he will have a mansion in the New Jerusalem! John 14:1–3. 

I kept in touch with Abraham, and I soon introduced him to the Sabbath and invited him to worship with us. Now he comes to church every Sabbath to worship God, sing, pray and study God’s Word with like-minded believers. I am overjoyed to see a gray-haired father sitting near the front of the church each week to praise his Master!

Abraham is willing to learn everything that can help him with his character development and the preparation of his soul to be saved at the soon coming of our Savior. Since sanctification is a lifetime work, we can be sure that Abraham will face many hardships and complications along the way. Let us pray that his commitment will remain strong, and when Jesus comes again, may you and Abraham and I meet each other as we join Jesus in the clouds of Heaven. 

Papua New Guinea

Moses Yauma is a lay evangelist working in the upper highlands of PNG.

How You Can Help
Pray for the evangelistic endeavors of Moses and the other lay workers as they reach out to the spiritually starving people around them. 

Pray for Abraham, that God will continue to give him victory in his life. 

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