Letter from Mike: Ecuador – May 2023

“Much of the prejudice that prevents the truth of the third angel’s message from reaching the hearts of the people, might be removed if more attention were given to health reform. When people become interested in this subject, the way is often prepared for the entrance of other truths.” Counsels on Diet and Foods, 76.

Using their dentistry skills and health knowledge, Dr. Gaby and Fernando are coming close to the people of Ecuador, showing God’s love and care for them. Health outreach allows them to share Jesus’ plan of salvation with people they would otherwise have difficulty reaching.

While I was in Ecuador last month, I witnessed Dr. Gaby and Fernando’s work firsthand. Their team set up a health expo along a major highway in the town of Limonal. Travelers stopped in to see what was going on; other people came because they had seen an advertisement. Every individual who came to the expo received The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ. They were educated about the eight laws of health and offered haircuts and even a chair massage. In coming close to the people, the health team introduced Christ in a non-confrontational way. This broke down barriers and opened the way for the Bible worker to set up Bible studies with people in their homes.

Health outreach has already been used to plant a new church in the town of Gualchan, some distance from Limonal. Only one Adventist lady lived in this community. She had been sharing her faith for years and wanted to take it to the next level by establishing a new church. When she talked to Dr. Gaby and Fernando and two elders from the Limonal church, they formulated plans to reach this new community. One of the elder’s wives, who loves health ministry, held cooking classes and offered hydrotherapy treatments to the sick, and in so doing way she found the way to people’s hearts. The two elders from Limonal followed up with small group Bible studies with everyone interested.

Today more than 20 people are worshipping on Sabbath in the homes of the new converts in Gualchan. Visitors are coming to worship each week, as well. The small group Bible studies are growing and have proved productive in winning souls to Jesus and the truth!

The church plant in Gualchan needs land and a church building if they are to continue growing. They have outgrown the homes they are gathering in for worship and desperately need a new space to come together on Sabbath. If you are impressed to support the work in Ecuador, please mark your gifts “Ecuador Church Plant.” Pray for the work in Ecuador and for the faithful workers to continue reaching souls for Christ.

Yours in building up God’s Kingdom!