Manuel Makes a Stand

Manuel has questions. God has answers!

San Pedro, a large community of approximately 120 families, seemed so favorable for health outreach that we could hardly wait to begin. The opening week of our efforts went by in a flurry of events. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we posted flyers around town and went door to door, personally inviting the residents to attend our health talks and the subsequent health brigade, where they could receive free dental and medical care. On Thursday, we presented the first health talk, on the subject of the eight natural remedies, and on Friday we spoke on the topic of home and family. Each night, we again invited the attendees to our health brigade to be held that Sunday, where they could receive medicine, haircuts, dental care, health screening, simple blood tests, massages and free literature.

The health brigade went off well. As we ministered to people’s physical needs, we also paid special attention to the literature station. Everyone received a copy of The Great Controversy and Steps to Christ, and to pique their interest in the books, we gave a quick summary of each chapter. “Would you like someone to visit you to explain more about what you have learned today, and pray with you?” we asked each patient. More than 20 people agreed!

Manuel Taimal came to our health outreach from the nearby town of El Carmen, and he seemed very open to having me visit him. I could see the Holy Spirit working in his heart during that first visit. When I asked if he would like to study the Bible with me, he agreed. During our studies, I could tell that many of the topics challenged him because he had been raised in the Catholic church, but he didn’t seem to be hardening his heart against the Three Angels’ Messages. 

The day that I studied the Sabbath with Manuel, the topic seemed especially difficult for him. I could see that he was deep in thought, and I could only imagine what it would be like to be taught something all my life and then be shown that it was a huge lie. “Do you have any questions?” I asked at the end of the Bible study. 

“I have many,” he admitted, “but I would like to study this subject out on my own.” 

“Good idea,” I agreed. For our next study together, I chose the topic of the change of the Sabbath and the origin of Sunday observance. 

“This is making sense now,” Manuel said. “When I compare the Bible’s teachings with the Catholic Church’s traditions, I can see that they collide.” One happy day not long after, Manuel made the commitment to keep God’s Sabbath and to worship with God’s people on His holy day. 

Because of the health brigade in San Pedro, we now have several families studying the Bible with us in their homes. We feel great joy to be able to tell them about the plan of salvation and God’s health plan for their lives. Please pray for these families, that the Holy Spirit will touch their hearts as they continue studying the Bible. Pray for us, as well, as we continue sharing the gospel, that God will guide us and give us the ability to “preach the gospel to every creature” in our corner of the world! Mark 16:15. 


Fernando Endara is the co-director of the health brigade ministry in Ecuador.

How You Can Help
Pray for Dr. Gaby and Fernando as they use the health message to be the entering wedge in their communities. 

Pray for Manuel and the others taking Bible studies to make their decisions to go all the way with the Lord! 

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