Dovina’s Dream

Dovina wants to wait to be baptized with family and friends. Then God sends her a dream.

Everyone in our village, it seemed, was singing the praises of ebigambo by’obwengye, or the “Words of Wisdom,” but I didn’t know what they were talking about. Asking a friend, I learned that this was the name of a new radio program that discussed family issues. My friend said the program had helped many families in our village resolve their conflicts. Since I had family challenges too, I decided to tune in. Soon I was telling all my relatives about the station, and like me, they began listening to the programs every day.  

One month after I first began listening to the program, I heard an advertisement about evangelistic meetings to be conducted in our village and simultaneously broadcast on the radio. I could not miss out. I attended the meetings, and at their close, I went through the Bible study series offered by the preacher, keeping up with the studies all the way to the end of the course. 

I felt sad to learn that I had spent 75 years worshipping and serving God, not according to His Word, but according to traditions of men by keeping Sunday in place of the Sabbath. Yet I felt very happy to discover the truth from the Word of God! I wanted the rest of my friends and relatives in darkness to be able to learn the truth along with me, and I decided not to be baptized until I could go and share with them the good news I had received. That way, we could get baptized together. 

Two days prior to the day the evangelist had planned to hold a group baptism for everyone who had accepted the new truths, I had a dream that made me change my mind about being baptized. In the dream, God had blessed me with an abundant harvest, and, as is common in our culture, I had visited my neighbors and relatives to give them part of my harvest. This time, though, no one would receive my gifts. They all rejected my produce, and some even refused to open the door for me. 

When I awoke from sleep, I pondered the dream. What could it mean? For the first time, it occurred to me that my relatives might not receive the message I had been trying to share with them. How long would I wait to be baptized? It seemed the dream had come just in time. I decided to be baptized right away with 28 others from our village of Siigirira.

Since we had no local church to join, we banded together, renting a room where we now worship every Sabbath. My friends ridicule me for leaving an organized church with good buildings for a small congregation with no address, but I feel strong in the name of Jesus. I pray that God will use us to construct a solid church building which we can use as a base to spread the good news and influence people for Christ. I pray that some of my friends and relatives will yet accept of the good harvest I dreamed of—the rich bounty of heavenly truth!  


Told by Dovina Kabonesa to John Kaganzi, a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda and the manager of Messenger Radio in Mbarara.

How You Can Help
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