Mary is horrified when she can’t stop her daughter from becoming an Adventist. Then she learns the truth, and she becomes unstoppable, too.

I almost fainted when I saw my daughter stepping into the river to be baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist cult. I could not control my tears. I kept wondering why had she had chosen to believe these lies, how she had gotten so spiritually lost, how she had become so unstoppable.

In my grief and horror, an idea came to my mind: Chop the Adventist pastor into pieces. Running to my house, I got a machete, hid it under my clothes, and trekked back to the river—only to find that the people had left. Enraged, I went to the church. Peeping through the window, I saw my daughter receiving her baptismal certificate. 

My heart raced as I entered the church. My anger must have been evident, for two strong women grabbed me and pushed me back toward the door. In the struggle, the machete in my clothes fell to the floor! After a collective gasp, the church burst into songs of praise. 

Defeated, I returned home and rested my head on the dining table. This Seventh-day Adventist cult had robbed me of my child.

When my daughter returned home, I had made up my mind. “From today on, you are not one of my children,” I told her. “Do not come to my house and do not allow other Adventists to come near.” 

My daughter left home, and we did not see her for four years. Then she came home to introduce us to the man whom she had chosen to marry: an Adventist pastor named Edward. My husband and I intended to reject him as our son in-law, but our relatives persuaded us to relent. The two married in 2015. 

My attitude slowly started to change when my son-in-law began preaching on the new radio station in town. Messenger FM had interesting programs that attracted almost everyone in our community. Though I didn’t listen to the new station, my friends told me about it. They especially liked a series entitled “Spirit Filled Bible Prophecies,” preached by Pastor John Kaganzi.

One morning, one of my friends came to me and said, “You know what? I have learned that we worship God on the wrong day of the week.” 

“How do you know?” I asked. 

“The Bible says so,” she replied. 

That caught my attention! I wanted to find out from the Bible if what she was saying was true. We began studying together, and she finally confessed that she had been learning these new things from the radio. 

Intrigued, I began listening to the radio program and found that the “Spirit Filled Bible Prophecies” series truly did unfold Bible truth. I had never heard such teachings in all my life. I could not keep quiet! I spread the news all over, and the Bible study group I had started with my neighbor grew larger every day. We invited the pastor to come and visit us, but he was able to come only once before the lockdown interfered. Still, it had been enough. The Holy Spirit had opened my spiritual eyes. The church I had regarded as a cult turned out to be the remnant church through which God is calling the entire world to salvation. I knew that, like my daughter, I must be baptized!

My husband has commanded me not to join the Adventist church, and he plans to sabotage the baptism—but I know God will not allow that. I do not know what will follow my baptism, but my faith in Jesus has made me unstoppable too. I am not worried, for Jesus is with me!  


Told by Mary Nuwagaba to John Kaganzi, a district pastor in the Ruhandagazi District in Uganda.

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