Letter from Mike: Congo – May 2022

“Men must not be taught to look to men or hang upon men, but must be educated to look to God, to trust in God, to expect great things of God, and to use their God-given abilities to the utmost of their capacity. When they do thus, they will enlarge, they will grow, they will feel their inefficiency to do so great a work, and they will seek help from the only Source where it can be obtained.” Letters and Manuscripts, vol. 4, Lt 24, 1883.

Pastor Ongasa lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the poorest country in the world. Living by faith and expecting great things from God is what he must do in a country of more than 100,000,000 people, many of whom have never heard the gospel. Pastor Ongasa knows that God owns all the cattle on a thousand hills and will provide for the dozens of workers and scores of churches in his care. Under his supervision, Bible workers are scouring the land seeking the lost sheep of Israel and raising up new congregations in areas with no Seventh-day Adventists. Permanent church buildings are being erected for scores of new believers to worship in every Sabbath. Evangelistic campaigns are giving thousands the opportunity to know the true God. The Holy Spirit is moving miraculously in the heart of Africa!

Pastor Rombo was a dedicated Pentecostal minister who faithfully served six churches for sixteen years. Recently he had his world turned upside down! While in the city of Kenge, Pastor Rombo met a team of our Bible workers distributing a series of 26 Bible lessons. God never keeps His faithful children in ignorance if they are willing to listen to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit!

After studying through the Bible lessons meticulously, Pastor Rombo made a list of the errors being taught in his denomination. When he took his paper to the district leadership, they told him not to say a word to anyone, or else he would be fired—but this faithful servant could not be silent! Printing out copies of his paper, he distributed it to all his church members, hoping that the Scriptures would convince them of the deceptions they had unknowingly accepted. Those who took the time to search the Bible with an honest heart agreed with their pastor’s conclusions. Five of them decided to keep the Sabbath and start studies with our Bible workers. Many others are reconsidering their decision to stay in the denomination. Please keep the members of these Pentecostal churches in your prayers!

God is working marvelously in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to supporting the workers, your gifts recently helped complete a church school with over 100 students, with two full-time Seventh-day Adventist teachers to educate the children. The Bible worker in this district has a vision of reaching many of the non-Adventist parents with the Three Angels’ Messages! These are just a few of the things God is doing to bring souls out of darkness through the efforts of the Congo Bible workers. If you are impressed to support the work in Congo, mark your donations “Congo Churches” or “Congo Workers.”

Thank you so much for advancing the work in the DRC!