Tailor-made Truth

It took three months to pick up the pamphlet, but that’s where Kegbegnou found the truth that fit!

I am Kegbegnou King, and I currently live in Lome, the capital of Togo. While I was studying in Kara, several hours north of Lome, a man named Solomon visited one evening to talk about the Word of God. After a few minutes of visiting, he asked if he could come and study the Bible with me once a week at my house. 

“I don’t really have time,” I shrugged. 

“OK,” Solomon smiled. “When your schedule clears up, let me know. I will be available.” Then he prayed with me and gave me a pamphlet that spoke about God. 

It was three months before I touched the pamphlet. Then one evening I decided to read it before I went to bed. The message captivated me. I found out that God cares about our problems and wants to save us. I discovered how a sinner can lay everything at the feet of Jesus. The truth I was reading seemed tailor-made for my own spiritual desire!

When I finally put down the pamphlet, I decided to make time in my schedule to study the Bible so I could learn more about the God who came to save me. So, contacting Solomon, I asked him to teach me more about the God of the Bible. I discovered that God’s Word tells of miracles and wonders that God has performed. I found out that God has a true day of worship called the Sabbath, also known as the Lord’s day of rest. I saw clearly that the Christian world has been deceived by the devil into accepting a counterfeit day of worship, Sunday. 

I had never heard of a church that worshipped on Saturday before, so I felt curious about the Seventh-day Adventist Church that Solomon told me about. He proved to me from the Holy Scriptures that God’s day is on Saturday, instead of Sunday. He also proved to me from the Scriptures that the Catholic Church changed Christianity’s worship day from Saturday to Sunday. I could see beyond a doubt that Christianity has been hijacked by the Antichrist of Bible prophecy. 

Shortly after my end-of-year exams, I returned to Lome with my family. Arriving there, I had to attend the Catholic Church with my aunt. Sitting there in the service, I could see that everything I had been taught from the Bible about this church was true. Everything I heard and saw within the Catholic Church matched what I had learned from my Bible studies. The Bible truths I had learned from Pastor Solomon were vastly different from what I was being taught in the Catholic Church, teachings without a biblical basis. 

After my experience in the Catholic service, I called Pastor Solomon to see if he could point me to a Seventh-day Adventist Church near my community, and I gladly began attending. I feel so blessed to be a part of God’s last day remnant church. I know that God is leading me, so I am very happy to dedicate my life to obey the truth from the Holy Bible. I know that He will be by my side. Very soon, I will be baptized into the remnant church of Bible prophecy!


Told by Kegbegnou King to Pastor Agamah Balakibawi, district pastor in the Kara region of northern Togo.

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