The Least of These

The Least of These

Orphans find hope in Africa.

The plight of the orphan is a cause that Advent Hope takes very seriously. When we witness the poverty and the needs of the children in Africa, our hearts are burdened. Let me tell you about some of the children and their stories.

Bivon was brought up in a family who knew nothing about religion. When he and his siblings were orphaned, they lived in a house with a grandmother who mistreated them. They were underfed and unable to attend school. Many days, they survived on one small cup of porridge in the morning. As soon as he was old enough, Bivon was put to work making bricks.

Life took a turn for the better when he was admitted to the orphanage. Not only did he receive the life support he so desperately needed, but also spiritual nourishment. He is now a senior in high school, and he wants to be a pastor and a missionary. On youth Sabbath at the local church, Bivon likes to preach. He has hope for the future. 

Ian is another example of a child who experienced new hope. He is much older than many of the students in his class. He is doing well in school and learning quickly. He will be in the 7th grade this year. He has learned to read and is one of the first to volunteer to read the Bible for worship at the orphanage. He was baptized this year as a Seventh-day Adventist. He helps to mentor and teach the other orphans, and is thankful to know that Jesus loves him.

Faith and Elizabeth’s parents died in an auto accident just a year ago. They were desperate, without food or proper clothing. They lived with their alcoholic brother in a dilapidated house, begging food from the neighbors and unable to attend school. Thanks to expanded support for the orphans this year, Faith and Elizabeth are safe in Advent Orphanage. Their future has hope, and we plan to add an additional 25-30 orphans to our care this year.

“I never knew that one day God would bring me into His light,” one of the girls recalls. “I was in the power of darkness. My family bowed down to idols, we confessed our sins to a priest and worshipped on the wrong day of the week. I never knew that there was a Sabbath and never knew that there was a Bible to be read until I joined Advent Orphanage.”

Testimonies such as these tell of a transformation process, bringing children from destitution to hope. When new kids arrive at the orphanage, they quickly see that the well-established children have been taught to read and explain the Bible’s passages and they want to learn more.

“I really thank Advent Hope Ministry for bringing me this far in my experience,” one student shares. “I’ve learned that I should be faithful, because the kingdom of heaven is near.”  


Bill and Becky Humeniuk of Advent Hope Ministries run a school and orphanage in Kenya, educating children in the teaching of God’s Word.

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