Angel in the Hospital

Angel in the Hospital

A mysterious visitor brings encouragement to the wife of an ill Bible worker.

“Yanyan,” my husband, Temtem, gasped, “I can barely breathe. I cannot even see you clearly. Everything around me is dark.”

Be strong, I told myself. Don’t cry. Your family needs you. Don’t let them see you frightened.

Our 4-year-old son, Zander, was also sick, but Temtem was desperate. I knew I had to get him help. Leaving Zander with my mother, I took my husband to the hospital. By the time we arrived, I couldn’t keep my own knees from shaking. I felt empty inside, on the verge of losing hope. In my mind, I kept in constant prayer. “Father,” I urged, “I know that Temtem still has a mission for Your work. Please help him to be OK.”

Temtem’s face contorted in pain, and my insides quaked. The nurse sent me to pharmacy for some pain medicine, and then to the laboratory with a vial of Temtem’s blood. As I walked through the hospital on the way back to the ward, I realized I was alone. Kneeling down in the hall, I asked God to help Temtem feel better.

When I returned, the doctor told me Temtem would need to be put on oxygen. My heart burned, and again I felt tempted to lose my hope and trust in the power of God. Had God heard me? Would He answer my prayer? Trust and pray, a quiet voice said to my heart.

“Ma’am,” the doctor asked, “what is your religion?”

“Seventh-day Adventist,” I told her.

“Ma’am,” she said, “keep on praying for your husband. The faith of Seventh-day Adventists is strong, and your prayer is powerful. Medicines are useless if you lose your connection to God.”

The doctor’s words helped me to calm down. Taking Temtem’s hand, I whispered, “Be brave. I am here praying for you. If you hear me, please pray with me in your heart.” As I spoke, big tears flowed from Temtem’s eyes. “Don’t think about the pain,” I told him, “but keep focused on the Lord.” For half an hour, I sat with him, holding his hand and praying. Gradually, Temtem’s face relaxed. The doctor came back and said, “See? Only prayer and trust can help you.” I couldn’t help but smile. No longer did I feel empty inside.

I expected the doctor to check on Temtem the next morning, but she never came. I asked the staff for her name, but they said they didn’t know who I was talking about. They told me no doctor had been there to see Temtem because it was the weekend. I concluded that it must have been an angel sent to encourage me!

While we were still at the hospital, my mother called me to say that Zander was feeling well already. God was answering all my prayers! Grateful emotion welled up inside me just to think of all the people who had expressed concern for Temtem—and of the miracles the Creator had sent us.

This experience made me realize that whatever trials or temptations may come, we should keep trusting the Lord with all our heart and mind. We should not let the great deceiver win. We should overcome our trials like Job.

Only trust Him!


Yanyan Piedraverde
Sister Yanyan is a Bible worker in South Cotabato on Mindanao Island in the Philippines.

How You Can Help
Pray for Temtem’s full recovery. Temtem is anxious to return to his evangelistic work among the people of South Cotabato.

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