God Is Good

God Is Good

An update on the work in Kenya.

“God is good,” I clasped the hand of a fellow believer.

“All the time,” my friend returned.

“And all the time?”

He smiled. “God is good.”

This is a favorite greeting on Sabbath morning among believers in Kenya. God is truly good!

Many of the events taking place in the world today are troubling, and we feel that Advent Hope must do even more to spread the gospel. We have hired five additional Bible workers so far in 2018. We have two ladies working specifically in women’s ministry, and we feel that God will continue to bless the work as more time is devoted to telling people of the love of God.

“The solemn, sacred message of warning must be proclaimed in the most difficult fields and in the most sinful cities, in every place where the light of the great threefold gospel message has not yet dawned. Everyone is to hear the last call to the marriage supper of the Lamb. From town to town, from city to city, from country to country, the message of present truth is to be proclaimed, not with outward display, but in the power of the Spirit… In this age, a new life, coming from the Source of all life, is to take possession of every laborer… Our time for work is short, and we are to labor with unflagging zeal.” Gospel Workers, 27.

When one of our Bible workers suffered from a broken leg, he trusted that even this mishap could be a blessing. It became obvious that Zachary’s leg was not healing properly after the fracture, and he spent time in the hospital. During his treatment, he talked and studied the Bible with the other patients in his room. He conversed with his doctor about spiritual things. Seeing that people were interested to hear more, he asked his fellow Bible worker friends to visit him. They brought literature to distribute at his request, and over 500 Bibles have been given away so far this year. We have placed an order for more study Bibles and Ellen White’s History of Redemption for further sharing. Church elders and leaders are also eager for more resources to enrich their personal study as they teach and preach in the churches.

A good portion of our budget is spent on the children. This year, Advent Hope is sponsoring 23 children in high school, two in trade school, one in college and two more as they wait for college acceptance. This is a large expense, but we realize that these young people are being given hope for the future. We thank all of our donors who are helping these children to live productive, happy lives.

Cornelius is one of our sponsored children. He sends his greetings to you all. “I thank God for the support you are giving us here in Kenya,” he says.

We have 110 children between two orphanages, with many on the waiting list. Several of our students have resolved that once they finish school, they will support at least one child in the orphanage themselves. “I can only imagine where I’d be if I were not at the orphanage,” one child shares. “I would be on the streets, just struggling to survive.”

Massive flooding in Kenya this year has destroyed acres upon acres of farmland, displacing thousands. Because of this, food prices have increased and there are some food shortages. Many times, our team has prayed, facing oncoming bills and a lack of funds. We petition for God to direct as He knows best, and funds arrive just when they are needed.

At the Ibencho Clinic, the lab opened in January. The business is gradually increasing as people begin to understand the benefit of lab work. Having been treated for various conditions without lab results in the past, they are a bit slow to understand that their treatment would be more effective if a diagnosis is confirmed. We plan to add additional rooms for patients and are looking for land to expand our services. Please pray that God will guide us to the right property for the best price.

Your generous support makes it possible for us to provide Bible workers such as Zachary with a small stipend to support him in his work. We are able to buy Bibles and build churches for congregations. The orphans and students in school have a bright future, and the widows are touched through women’s ministry. The clinic continues to reach out to the community, and the work goes forward. Please know that donations go as you direct to the projects you feel a burden for. Remember our ministry in your prayers. 

Location: Kenya

Author: Bill & Becky Huminiuk of Advent Hope Ministries run a school and orphanage in Kenya, educating children in teaching of God’s Word.

How You Can Help

Pray for the Bible worker with the broken leg and his ministry in the hospital. Pray for the orphans and students that Advent Hope sponsors. Pray that God will continue to supply the means for the many avenues of outreach that Advent Hope is involved in to reach the people of Kenya.

Donate. If you feel moved to help with this project, write your checks out to Advent Hope Ministries and send to:  

Becky Humeniuk
Advent Hope Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 100 
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For electronic options, visit www.biblesforafrica.org