6/02/2018: Robbery to Redemption

Robbery to Redemption

An unexpected robbery during an evangelism trip turns out as a blessing.

This past August, the Revelation of Hope team led a nation-wide Bible Prophecy Seminar in the beautiful country of Fiji. Thanks to Hope Channel TV, Hope Radio FM, and live internet streaming, Taj Pacleb preached Christ to over 100 churches throughout Fiji, and across the water to Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, the US, and even the Middle East. As multitudes began to respond to Christ, we witnessed Satan trying to disrupt the meetings in a startling way. Taj told the story in a Facebook post:

Earlier today we were filming another Reflections of Hope episode on “Fiji Water” and the spiritual lessons it teaches. We were exploring the beautiful forests, streams, and waterfalls of Colo-I-Suva Forest Park in Fiji. I put my camera bag down on the side of the trail to get a quick shot in the stream. The bag was filled with over $8,000 of our ministry camera gear. My SD cards were filled with footage. The bag was only about 10 feet away from us. I was confident that it was safe because we were the only ones there deep in the trail. Shortly after, two friendly looking Fijian guys walked by and briefly chatted with us. About 10 minutes later they walked by again, snatched our bag, and ran through the forest. As I chased them, I shouted in a pleading voice, “Please brothers, don’t do this. I am a Pastor. We’re here trying to help people! This is God’s equipment!”

But they were too fast. Like Cinderella, all they left were their slippers. I felt sick to my stomach. But the most painful part of this experience is that the two guys robbed me right in front of my face. I was looking directly at them and they were looking at me just 10 feet away when they grabbed my bag. And when I went
running after them, they refused to respond to my appeals. I’m not angry, just deeply hurt to have had someone do this.

Although shaken by the loss of the ministry camera equipment, Taj found many reasons to be thankful. He and his team had not been hurt, and the thieves had also stolen his Bible. Maybe they would read it. God gave him peace and power to preach that night, and over 80 people made decisions for baptism.

But the story doesn’t end there. As Taj shared his experience during the live broadcast, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Isikelo Saulinga, was watching from home. Deeply disturbed, he immediately instructed his officers to make the case a top priority. The next morning, they found the thieves in a nearby house. They had sold all $8,000 worth of camera equipment for just $100 Fijian dollars, a mere $50 USD.

The police were able to recover all the equipment, and Taj had the opportunity to sit down and talk with the 17-year-old thief. Taj shared his own story of stealing
and arrest from his younger days, and how God changed his life. He assured him that he was forgiven, and that God loved him and could change his life too. He
prayed with the young man, as well as all the officers and investigators who worked on the case.

At the close of the meetings, over 100 people were baptized. One of them was the son of the Deputy Commissioner.

Whatever difficulty you face today, whatever sorrow, give it to God. He turns victims into victors, trials into triumphs – even robberies into redemption.

(Go to the Revelation of Hope YouTube channel or Facebook page to watch the complete video report entitled, “From Robbery to Redemption”.)

Author: Wati Pacleb is the wife of Taj Pacleb, an evangelist, revivalist, and speaker/co-director of Revelation of Hope Ministries.

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