03/19/2016: Shining Lights

Shining Lights

Papua New Guinea


Francis, a brother from the East Sepik province of Papua New Guinea, was brought up in the Assembly of God Church. He was very faithful to the church and served them as a musician. He has a good education and works hard for a big company in the town of Kimbe on New Britain Island.

Not long ago he met a widow named Agnes who lived in Tiauru. Agnes eventually left Tiauru and began living with her older sister in Kimbe. It was there that she met Francis and they married. One day, Daniel, one of our church members, was discussing business with Francis and ended up talking about health. Daniel told Francis about the health message. Francis was convinced and he went home that day and told Agnes about what he heard. They both decided to worship with our brethren in the Gavuvu home church one Sabbath.

That Sabbath was the turning point in their lives. They found the present truth which eventually led them to take their faithful stand with us and uphold the truth. They began worshipping with us in Gavuvu, both learning new truths that they had never known before. They were very blessed. Eventually they left Kimbe and moved back to Tiauru where they both continue to worship with us.

Another testimony comes from young Sophia who lives with her family on the Barema oil palm settlement. Sophia has only one hand because her other hand had to be amputated when she was still a baby. But she is a very strong girl and is able to do her work using only her right hand. She is a very good farmer and plants gardens of cabbage and peanuts, among other produce, in order to support herself and not be dependent on her family.

The Barema laymen church hosted a health evangelistic meeting and invited me to be the guest speaker. It was an open air meeting and many people from different Sunday-keeping churches attended the program. One of them was Sophia. Every night she heard the health message that was presented with pictures in a slide show and was converted to the present truth.

The first Sabbath after the meeting she joined us in worship and found out that the Sabbath is the true day of worship. She left her Sunday-keeping church and fully made her decision to stand on the Lord’s side. She is now in baptismal class, studying more truth in the Barema church. Sophia said that when she is baptized and fully knows the truth, she will go to her village in Hagen and establish the work there. Her whole family worships on Sunday and do not know the saving truth, so she wants to go and bring them over to the safe side. Please pray for young Sophia. She is a faithful young girl and is very serious in her new found faith.

Agatha is a young mother from Chimbu Province. She also lives in the Barema community and had breast cancer. She sought medical treatment, but it didn’t help her. She had to accept that she would die. Finally, she heard about our group of medical missionaries in Barema and came seeking help. By God’s grace, our medical missionaries enrolled her into their treatment program and, with their assistance, she was healed through faith.

After her healing, Agatha knew that the true church of God was teaching the health message, which she had never heard in her Sunday-keeping church. She told her husband, who never attended church, “God has proven His power in my life. I should have died, but God had a plan for me to hear the present truth and be safe in Heaven.” So she took her stand and attended baptismal class. Today she is an active church member and her testimony is a great shining light to the Barema community. She always has a smile on her face because she should have been in the grave, but instead she thanks God that she is alive. She faithfully lives the health principles.

Marry is a mother from Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province. She used to be a Seventh-day Adventist, but does not live a healthy lifestyle and she and her husband face many health problems. One day, she and her husband decided to attend our church in Vilelo. There they discovered the health message, which they never knew before. They also took their stand and were baptized. When they began keeping the health principles they saw great changes in their lives. All of their disorders which had affected them so greatly, are now gone from their bodies.

Dorothy is from Tolai, Indonesia. She is married to John, who is from Goroka and they live in the Vilelo oil palm settlement in Bialla. In 2014, Dorothy was affected by tuberculosis of the bone which left her paralyzed. She can’t walk but lies on her bed and has to have John clean her and take care of her. She slept for months, mostly on just one side and developed a big sore. Worms started eating her alive. Her husband and family knew that she would die. But they decided to take her to Bialla Health Center so she could be helped by the nurses and doctors.

One of Dorothy and John’s sons also had tuberculosis so they took both Dorothy and eight-year-old son to the hospital. Both were admitted, but the nurses and doctors couldn’t help. Even the medication was useless. The ward in which they slept stank because of Dorothy’s wounds. Flies flew in and out and all the nurses and patients complained about her. When Dorothy knew that she and her son would die, she couldn’t talk because of crying. The doctor decided to send her back home to die.

The next day, while still in the hospital, her son died. What a heartbreak to her and her husband. They wept and Dorothy knew that she would die next. The next day, the doctor sent her and her son’s body home. They buried him and Dorothy stayed at home, waiting to die. It was at this point that our medical missionaries heard about her and visited. They prayed with her and gave her hope that she must accept Jesus before she died. They helped her with simple remedies including herbs and hydrotherapy.

Praise God, she began to be healed. The medical missionaries continued working with her for months and she was finally completely restored to health and started walking again. She can now walk a mile to the Vilelo church to worship on Sabbath. She now comes every Sabbath and is receiving Bible studies and is ready to be baptized. She came to our campmeeting and enjoys feasting on the Word of God. She smiles because she found the truth which she had never known before and would have died but God saved her life from her worse-than-dead body full of worms. She came alive to serve our God. Please pray for Dorothy; her testimony shines out as a light in the community. Many people have decided to come and find out what really healed her and we direct them to the saving truth.

By Pastor Michael Loko. Pacific Lay Members Association, PO Box 103, Glasshouse Mts., Australia 4518. To donate, contact John A. Wolff: johnw@tsn.cc.

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