11/15/2014: Hope and Hardships

Rest for Our Souls

in Sweden


Interviews between Stenshult Health & Mission Center and recent lifestyle center attendees.




Marie blessing others with her flute.

Why is a healthy lifestyle so important in today’s world?

As we look around, we see a myriad of illnesses caused by a poor lifestyle. Wrong lifestyle choices will make us sick. We have to be responsible for our own health. As we enjoy the benefits of good health, we are able to share the message with others.


Are you able to see a correlation between our physical health and our spiritual health?

Yes, the two go hand-in-hand. When Jesus was upon this earth, He healed people not only physically, but more importantly, spiritually. He came to make people whole. This includes physical health. When we have healthy bodies we can better understand spiritual truths.


Why did you decide to come to Stenshult?

A friend of mine had been a guest at Stenshult in the past and recommended it to me. I had to make a sacrifice to bring my son who is predisposed to diabetes type 2. I felt that it was important for him to hear about a healthy lifestyle from someone else other than his mother. I wanted him to know that he needed to take his health more seriously and value it even in his youth. Good health does not come by chance.


What is the most important knowledge that you learned while here?

I would say that good health cannot be left to chance. It has to be lived out every day. A knowledge of how good health impacts life shows us that it is something that we need to work for. A car, for example, needs to be serviced appropriately to function optimally. Our personal health is not something that someone else can do for us.


Listening and learning at a cooking demonstration.

What were some of your most memorable experiences?


The cooking class was lovely. I enjoyed watching the various health videos. The ambiance is peaceful and not hurried; life is at a manageable pace. I knew that I was eating wholesome food.


What was your favorite part of the program?

I really enjoyed the various therapies that I had on a daily basis. It was very enjoyable and beneficial.


Have you seen any positive changes in your health since your visit at Stenshult?

Yes, my blood cholesterol has really gone down. When I returned home, my friends commented on how I appeared rejuvenated and radiated with health. My stay was worth every krona that I paid.


Have you made any permanent changes to your lifestyle?

We have cleared our kitchen cupboards of items that we did not need and did not want to use anymore. We have continued on a healthy eating plan and have also continued to use the book Ministry of Healing in our devotions.


Why would you recommend someone to come to Stenshult?

It is appropriate for anyone that is serious about health, serious about making positive changes in their lifestyle. If a person is having difficulty with motivation, Stenshult helps get them started. The environment is tranquil and peaceful. Good health is a journey, it is not a destination.


How are you sharing the new information that you have learned?

When we returned, we gave out leaflets and shared information about Stenshult to people that we know. The first week we returned home, we cooked a vegan meal and shared it at church on Sabbath. Many responded that it was “very, very good.”




Jacqueline second from left.

What was your favorite part of the program?


I really enjoyed the devotionals. I knew the Bible passages, but I learned much more since it was presented in a new light and from a different perspective. The food was healthful and wholesome, especially the fresh vegetables which were organically grown at Stenshult. I was also blessed by the lecture about the digestive system. I learned that it takes 4-5 hours to digest our food and about the detrimental effect of eating between meals. I have been sharing with others the effect of eating between meals. Many were not aware of this and have changed their habits. I have been preparing a large, raw salad for a friend of mine every day, and he is losing weight. While at Stenshult, I took pictures of the prepared foods at mealtime. My friend tells me that I should use those pictures and write a book! My cousin Sheron, who also went through the program with me, has kept to it and feels well.


Did you see any results during your stay here or afterwards when you returned home?

Yes, I did. I thought that I had reached menopause, but my cycle has begun again and been regular since returning home. I already began to feel better while at Stenshult. When I returned home my friends commented on how well I looked and that my skin had a healthy and vital tone to it. Also, during the course, a hard cyst on my breast softened. Two fingers that were often cold and had poor circulation also improved. Now, I only have poor circulation in one half of one of those fingers.


Have you made any permanent changes to your lifestyle?

I no longer eat anything between meals. Others that I have been sharing with have also changed their lifestyle in this particular area. Many whom I have counseled have stopped drinking with meals.

What were some of the new aspects of a healthy life that you learned during the course?

In one of the lectures, I discovered the importance of micronutrients in the foods that I need to eat. Through the therapies I also obtained new and useful knowledge. For example, I learned the effects that a fever bath has upon the immune system. The artificial fever assists the body in producing white blood cells.


Why would you recommend someone to come to Stenshult?

The health benefits are numerous. When we returned to London, Sheron commented, “Oh, we are back in this dirty place!” I remember the fresh-picked tomatoes and the beautiful vegetable gardens. We did not suffer from grass allergies like we do in London. The environment is fabulous, as it is in beautiful countryside. The air is pure, and there is no pollution.


What type of person will benefit from a lifestyle course at Stenshult?

Anybody and everybody would benefit. It is good especially for those that have a hectic lifestyle, as it is very relaxing and enjoyable. I was able to completely forget about the cares of the world while there. It is appropriate for those who yearn to improve their health and quality of life. Likewise, it provides an opportunity to ameliorate spiritual health. The goal is to gain spiritual, moral, physical, emotional, and psychological wholeness—fullness of health in spirit, mind, and body.


Are you satisfied with your time here?

Yes indeed, I was. The only regret is that it was too short! I enjoyed the nearness of God’s creation in the beautiful nature. I appreciated the friendly people in the community who waved a greeting as they passed by. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and became more inspired because of my visiting Stenshult.

“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Matthew 11:28-30.


Stenshult Health & Mission Center is operated under the International Institute of Health & Education, a Swedish-based ministry of Seventh-day Adventists laymen. Email: stenshult@gmail.com. Website: www.stenshult.org.

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