02/25/2012: How Beautiful Are the Feet

How Beautiful Are the Feet

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!” Isaiah 52:7

What a privilege is ours, who are called to share the truth for this present time. I believe that the intense joy cannot be adequately explained that is felt when one, walking along a lonely dirt road, comes across another traveler and in that moment and in that setting the realization comes that God has you there precisely for that person at that time,

Brother Jose and I, walking together, find opportunity to share the scripture with those who pass by.

and perhaps by no other means would that person have come into contact with Christ or His truth. This has happened to me over and over again, and most recently I have been overwhelmingly blessed to see one young Haitian man named Rauline actually give his life to the Lord through one of these encounters. For two years, I often urged him whenever I came across him in the road to surrender His life to the Lord and to become Christ’s servant. He would complain of his poverty or the unkindness of others, and my answer was always the same. I was surprised to find that Rauline started taking Bible studies with a sister in the mountains and was about two months into the process when one day we crossed paths and had a long conversation regarding Christ. His response was, “Come to my house in the evening after work and help me give my life to Christ.” Since that evening, Rauline has been daily studying the word and faithfully attending church. He always has a smile and never complains. He found the King of glory in the back roads of the world.


Seli and her beautiful smile—a wonderful candidate for self sacrificing service to the Master.

Another person with whom we have been working is a young girl named Seli. Seli is very special. She is very obedient to her parents and loving. She learned almost instantly how to look for the books of the Bible, and she loves to participate by reading and singing. She encourages her mom and dad to read in every study, and she has become my little friend. I beg the Lord to remove all distractions from her parents’ lives so that she with them can come to know Christ and the present truth fully. Please pray especially for her family.


Christino and his wife are extremely poor and very simple. I can only read one or two Bible verses at a time to them and their boys. It often takes the whole study to help them understand one verse of scripture. I often ask myself, “How would the Lord relate the greater issues of salvation to these precious yet ignorant souls?” It is a challenge that is not easy to meet. They are willing to listen but hard of understanding.

Christino and his wife outside their one-room home.

Their tangible needs are many and obvious, yet all charitable work on their behalf must be delicately handled so as not to distract them from the purpose of the truth.

The popular mindset in the culture because of the many false apostles that exist is adherence to a church solely for the financial benefit that one might gain with zero heart connection to the Savior. These dear people, like Seli, are God’s special children. Please pray for them, as well.


We recently held a beautiful wedding ceremony for Glenice and her husband Thomas so that Glenice could be baptized. Elizabeth has been studying with Glenice and Thomas for more than two years. In the beginning, many thought that Glenice would never decide for Christ. But she is now faithful and active in evangelism herself. Thomas, since his wedding, has also taken his vows seriously. Even though up until the day of the wedding he resisted and told Glenice that he would not attend, he there pledged to help

Glenice (right), so happy the day of her wedding, with Thomas and their youngest son, who had broad smiles through the whole ceremony.

Glenice welcome Christ into their home and hasten His return to the earth through serving Him. We anticipate that it will not be long before Thomas, too, decides to pass through the watery grave.

Much of what has been done here and why we have not surrendered in the battle is because of your prayers. When no newsletters were coming forth, when everything seemed like uphill service with no end, some of you were praying. You have as much to do with the success of any missionary as do the missionaries themselves. Hold up our hands, for we need it. You can also invite one of us to come to your church or group to share more in depth regarding the work. Or come and see for yourself how the Lord might be able to use you or someone you know in this part of the field. You can send donations of clothing, seeds, educational tools, medical supplies or money to us. You can write us letters or emails letting us know about you.

Donations that need tax deductible receipts should be made out to Amicus SDA Church and mailed to our address with Dominican Mission in the memo. Otherwise, please make checks out to T.L.C.

By Elvin Easton. T.L.C. Medical Ministries, PO Box 36, Oak Park, VA 22730. Phone: 540-948-6277. Email: missionfamily@gmail.com

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