12/03/2011: Medical Ministry Project

Medical Ministry Project

Three Angels Messages (3AM) Wellness Center is the name that we have chosen for our new lifestyle center from the various suggestions given by our beloved brethren. The plan of this project is indeed of divine origin. Although we made many mistakes, from the very beginning divine Providences helped us step by step to get established. Through visions and dreams in the night seasons, through encouragement from brethren in the faith, through the people who kept asking us to put a wellness center in different localities—this planned project has become a reality. It is not for our personal interest but for the cause of God. I experienced severe discouragements from those inside and outside of the faith in pursuing this plan. But the joyful faces of our patients that receive our treatments encourage us, because before God brought us here, their only hope was earnest prayer with tears.

Welcoming banner for the health center. Brian’s wife (back) and sister (front) are on the left.

We sent letters of appeal to our brethren in the faith here and abroad asking them to help us with this project. Although we did not receive the help we asked for, we still believe that it was part of the Lord’s plan. Step by step God guided us until our wellness center was completed. Pastor Mike Bauler of Mission Projects International conducted the dedication ceremony attended by brethren in the faith and friends on May 29, 2011. An earnest prayer for the workers ascended to our God.

Several days before the dedication, several patients visited us to receive treatments. I visited a woman who works hard at washing clothes for her neighbors in order to support herself and her family. She had a mild stroke, so I visited her and gave her counsel about the causes of disease and how to treat it. I gave her herbs to relieve her high blood pressure which was 160/120. She receives free medicine every month from the Catholic Church, but it has not been effective. I pray that God will bless the treatment that I am giving her and that it will be an opening wedge to share the gospel with her. As I write this, we have several patients waiting for our services even though we are not quite ready to be open to the public. Two women are here for hydrotherapy and massage, a Catholic priest wants to do our detoxification and rejuvenating program, and a public school teacher wants a health consultation.

As I prayed early this morning, the Lord impressed me to write a letter of appeal. Sometimes I am hesitant because I know that

Brian in his office, ready for service.

God owns everything and I do not want to burden my fellow mortals. In the plan of salvation God beautifully depicts the work of the believers as soldiers in the midst of a severe and difficult war. Yes, we are in the war indeed. We can picture these soldiers sacrificing and denying self while fighting for their nation, thinking not of themselves but of their fellow soldiers in order to have a strong company. This is their glory. So it is in the Lord’s battles. Helping one another in times of difficulty is the glory of the believers. Heroism is a much better treasure than fine gold or silver! May we be found as heroes in the sight of God during our sojourn in this last epoch of earth’s history. “Character will always be tested. If Christ dwells in us, day by day and year by year, we shall grow into a noble heroism. This is our allotted task, but it can not be accomplished without help from Jesus, without resolute decision, unwavering purpose, continual watchfulness, and unceasing prayer. Each has a personal battle to fight; each must win his way through struggles and discouragements. Those who decline the struggle, lose the strength and joy of victory. No one, not even God, can make our characters noble or our lives useful unless we make the effort necessary on our part. We must put features of beauty into our lives. We must seek to expel the unlovely traits, while God works in us to will and to do of his good pleasure.” Youth’s Instructor, November 12, 1907. “If hardships are borne and trials are endured by our soldiers fighting in behalf of their country to obtain the mastery and bring to obedience the rebellious, how much more willingly should the soldiers of Christ endure privation, self-denial, and taxation for His sake!” Gospel Workers, 199.

Brian assisting a patient.

The Three Angels Messages Wellness Center was designed to lead people to Christ Jesus. This is our purpose! While writing this appeal, I was reminded of the three young people that I gave Bible studies to in our church. Yesterday I talked with them and encouraged them to enroll in the Bible Training School in Bukidnon. They are willing to work for Christ but need someone to help and guide them. Since they have no funds for the tuition fee, I told them that God will provide it if it is His will. This June 2011, the school will start the next training session. How I pray that God will touch the heart of someone to financially support these students for their school year. One of the main reasons why I desire to establish a wellness center is to support young people enrolled in the Bible School and to support the Bible workers of the Lord. I pray this is your interest as well.

As you read my article, I pray that the Lord will open your heart to consider this calling or lesson for us. It may be a calling for you to do something to sustain the field of the Lord here or it may be a lesson to remind us of our duties and responsibilities.

Below are listed our immediate needs:

• 15-20,000 pesos ($350-$465) for the food supplements and herbal medicine. (Note: We have several supplements here that were purchased from another wellness center. But the price is so high to purchase them that way that we cannot make enough profit in order to sustain our center and the staff. We can get a much better price by purchasing in bulk. We long to be able to purchase them soon so that we may be ready to help those in need.)

• 7-10,000 pesos ($160-$235) for additional chairs, bed sheets for our two massage beds, renovation for our massage bed, pillows, towels, bowls and basins for the hydrotherapy treatments, box for our sauna, etc.

• 5,000 pesos ($120) for the installation of our own electric meter.

I would like to end this appeal with these words to be a reminder to us until the coming our Lord Jesus Christ:

“Wake up, brethren and sisters. Don’t be afraid of good works. Be not weary in well-doing, for you shall reap in due time if you faint not. . . . Encourage in yourselves a love of hospitality, a love to help those who need help. You may say you have been deceived, bestowing your means upon those unworthy of your charity, and therefore have become discouraged in trying to help the needy. I present Jesus before you. . . . One soul wrenched from Satan’s grasp; one soul you have benefited; one soul encouraged! This will a thousand times pay you for all your efforts. To you Jesus will say, ‘Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.’” Welfare Ministry, 97.


By Joseph Brian C. Palange. Email:jbrian_palange@yahoo.com. Support for the work in the Philippines can be sent to Mission Projects International, PO Box 59656, Renton, WA 98058.


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