Letter from Cody: Year in Review – November 2011

Nothing could be more applicable today than Jesus’ words of nearly two thousand years ago. “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37, 38. There is a great work to do, and Jesus does not just ask us, but He commands us, to pray regarding this work to be done. If this work was so urgent and ready to reap in Jesus’ day, what about today? “There is a large work to be done, and the vineyard of the Lord needs laborers. Missionaries should enter the field before they are compelled to cease labor. There are now open doors on every side… we need to work while the day lasts.” Counsels to Parents, Teachers & Students, 416. Soon we will be compelled to cease our labor; are we doing all that we can now to be ready for that day?

As I look back over the past year, the Lord has been very good and blessed the ongoing work of Mission Projects International. I am so thankful for the faithful workers that we are able to assist, thus helping to answer Jesus’ prayer for more workers. Assisting these faithful workers in their work can come in many different ways. For some, literature is a tremendous blessing in their labors; for others, funding for evangelistic series is needed; some need assistance with building churches or medical clinics; others need help in airing the truth across the airwaves to millions; for some the best way to help is to provide a small monthly amount so that they can feed their families and devote their time to sharing the message. As we visit these workers, get reports of their work and hear the stories of lives touched and decisions made for eternity, how our hearts thrill with joy and wish that we could do more for the Master! This year the Lord has opened many doors for ministry around the world. Mission Projects International’s team has given or supported fifteen evangelistic series from Africa to Asia to South America to here at home in the United States. Churches have been built as a memorial for present truth. Medical clinics have been established and built where no medical care was available, and now the light of truth is shining through these clinics in the work of Isaiah 58. The truth is continuing to be proclaimed over the airwaves of one of the best FM stations to the millions of the megacity of São Paulo. Brother Titing continues to lead out in the missionary training school in the mountains of the Philippines as some of the graduates are now hard at work in winning souls for the Master. Then there are around sixty faithful workers giving the message through various avenues around the world from Togo to Congo to the Philippines and beyond. As I think of what the Lord has done, I am so thankful for what He is doing; but as I think of Jesus’ words regarding the plenteousness of harvest and the need for laborers, I realize how much more could be done. As we discuss plans and projects with the workers in the various mission fields, their hearts long to do more, but a dollar can only stretch so far. Truly the harvest is great, and the laborers are few. The Lord has truly blessed, and we praise His name for that! We want to thank you so much for your prayers and donations which make all of this possible. We continue to ask for your prayers and support that the work may expand and increase in helping our brethren to take the gospel to their corner of the Lord’s vineyard. May Lord of the harvest send out laborers and means that the work may soon be finished and we can be at home with Him!



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