11/13/10: The Truth for the End Time Ministry

The Truth for the End Time Ministry


The Truth for the End Time Ministry is a missionary project begotten in God’s heart with the goal to take to people the message of the soon coming of Jesus Christ and the setting up of His everlasting kingdom of peace and joy. The project has existed since 1998, spreading the message through different means of communication, but mainly through a radio program. Over the years, many people have joined the project.

Workers from IEST: Fafaela Almeida, Glaucia Lima, and Clayton Silva.

The ministry has three workers, Rafaela Almeida, Gláucia Lima and Clayton Silva. All graduated from IEST (Taquara Institute of Health and Education, a self-supporting college in Rio de Janeiro. They are giving Bible studies, working in the recording and organization of media, visiting people, giving out literature and preaching in public squares, Seventh-day Adventist churches and Pentecostal churches.

On Sundays, the ministry has a radio program on FM 105.7, a very well known radio station, which reaches the state of São Paulo and its capital city, also called São Paulo. According to the last survey, the audience of the program is about 30 thousand people per minute, so many people have been listening to the message of salvation through the program. Our workers give assistance to the listeners by visiting them, teaching them the Bible, praying with them in person and over the phone, supporting their prayer requests and giving Bible studies.

On the web site averdadeparaotempodofim.com.br, sacred music is played 24 hours a day from Monday through Friday. From 9 to 11 PM, Brother Alexandre Bernardes has a program in which he preaches on present truth themes.

In 2009, the ministry taught five Bible classes about prophecies and the book of Revelation, and another course on how to quit smoking, which was also followed by Bible classes. We have seen fruit throughout 2010 from these endeavors.

Cody Francis preaching at a prophecy meeting in Sao Paulo.

The ministry also holds a meeting called “Meeting with Life,” where lectures on diverse prophetic themes are taught. The attendees, about 180 people, are 90% Pentecostal. These people leave the meetings with complete Bible study materials on present truth in their hands.

This year, we have already had three of those meetings, supported three courses on how to quit smoking, and are now working with media—sending CDs and DVDs with sermons and studies on Revelation. Soon, we are going to send the CDs and DVDs of our meetings as well.

This coming June, one of our workers is going to Africa, where he is going to hold meetings for three weeks. In July, we are going to have our fifteenth meeting with Pastor Hal Mayer in an auditorium for 180 people. Lord willing, in August we are starting a Bible class to study the doctrines of our church.

Right now, the ministry is holding seminars for Pentecostals every Sabbath evening, studying themes in Revelation, which have been of great interest to them.

In the beginning of the year, a couple who were studying the Bible with us made their decision for Christ. Rodrigo and Tatiana had been studying the Word for more than a year, and it seemed we would never see a good result from it. But God had His own time, and it was worth the wait. They accepted the Sabbath and all the other doctrines of our church. They were among the listeners, and once they decided to keep the Sabbath, they changed their lifestyle and are getting ready for baptism.

Truth for the End Time workers at radio station.

Here are a few more people who have been impacted by our message. An American lady named Sister Mariana, who came to live in Brazil, decided to be baptized through a pamphlet and the radio program. Today she is a Seventh-day Adventist. Luís and Patrícia are coming to church and have accepted the whole message that has been taught them. Marcos and Jurema are studying righteousness by faith and have accepted the health message. Mrs. Enilda has also embraced the message given to her. Ubirajara is opening the doors of his house to the preaching of the gospel. Mrs. Erzilene has accepted the health message.

By God’s grace, we hope to give you more testimonies in the future of what the Lord has done in the city of São Paulo through this humble ministry. We count on your support and prayers.

By Alexandre Bernardes and the team of The Truth for the End Time Ministry. Email: rafaeladacostaalmeida@hotmail.com.