Letter from Mike: Southeast Asia – June 2024

In Luke 10:2, Jesus commanded us to pray for workers to enter His service to reach those who are lost without hope. “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” In a world filled with suffering and sin, the need for laborers remains critical today. Countless people need to hear the message of salvation.

Recently, I traveled to Southeast Asia to assist with a training program for Bible workers eager to spread God’s final message in their respective countries. I had the privilege of meeting the workers myself and hearing them speak of their anxious desire to proclaim God’s message to their own people. These workers come from various tribes and regions, from remote mountain areas and major cities, where millions have yet to hear about Jesus’ imminent return. Revelation 14:6 promises that the everlasting gospel will be proclaimed to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people. The workers I met believe this promise wholeheartedly and are doing their part to fulfill it! The training program equipped them with the skills necessary for effective soul-winning, so they can return to their cities and villages to share the gospel with the lost.

Leaders in Southeast Asia are planning ambitious outreach efforts, and the urgency of this mission cannot be overstated. In certain Asian countries, only a handful of tribes have been reached with the gospel. Much work remains to bring the story of Jesus to the other tribes. Many people in these regions seek inner peace and protection through various spiritual practices, but they are unprepared for the overwhelming events prophesied in the Bible. They need to hear the enduring message of the Three Angels.

Mission Projects International aims to be a part of this outreach, helping to spread the gospel to the unreached masses. Your prayers and support are crucial for the success of this mission. The end is very near, and we who know the truth must prepare for the coming events by spreading the gospel and supporting laborers in the field. As emphasized in Testimonies, vol. 8, page 28, “The Lord Jesus is calling for self-denying workers to follow in His footsteps, to walk and work for Him, to lift the cross, and to follow where He leads the way.”

In addition to traditional soul-winning methods, the increasing availability of the Internet in many parts of the world, including Southeast Asia, provides a unique opportunity to reach a broader audience with the gospel. Online platforms like YouTube and other digital avenues can play a significant role in evangelism. The digital age presents a powerful opportunity to spread the gospel more widely than ever before. By embracing both traditional and modern methods of evangelism, we can take the message of Jesus Christ to every corner of the globe.

Your prayers, support, and participation are vital in making this vision a reality. Let us work together to bring hope and salvation to all people, fulfilling the Great Commission in both physical and digital spaces. Please support the work through your prayers! To support financially, mark your gifts “Southeast Asia.”

Yours in reaching every tribe with the gospel!

In light of the sensitive nature of the work, specific names and locations are withheld. Please join us in prayer and support for these dedicated workers as they bring the message of hope and salvation to Southeast Asia.

How You Can Help!

We are reaching out to ask for your dedicated prayers for Southeast Asia. In this region, millions of people live in remote areas, speaking various dialects, and many have yet to hear the message that Jesus is coming again. While these communities may seem unreachable, we trust in God’s promise that every “tribe” will hear the everlasting gospel.

We ask you to pray fervently that God will move in the hearts of individuals in these villages who have not yet encountered the gospel of Jesus. Imagine the impact if just one person from each of these villages could hear the message of salvation. That person could then connect with our ministry coordinator, receive training, and return to their hometown to plant a church.

If you feel called to support this vital church-planting mission in Southeast Asia, please send your donations marked “Southeast Asia Project.”

Thank you for your prayers and support.
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